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Disappear Here

recieved the prerelease for 'Disappear Here' today...

i've only started listening to it... so i'm not going to pretend to review it... but here's the tracklist. the final might be different, but this is what we've got so far.

1. Finland Intro
2. Timeless
3. Put Up or Shut Up
4. Money Song
5. Dance Like
6. Funky Music
7. Hold On
8. C'est La Vie
9. Grand Piano
10. Give
11. Pops Song
12. Less Than Zero
13. Rise
14. Don't Call Me

its being marketed as their 'first commercially released album written and recorded as one cohesive whole.'

fair enough.


whoa! i just noticed that we've gotten a ton of new members... so i'd like to say 'Welcome!'... glad to see the symph fanbase is growing on lj... feel free to bring up any hiphop topics...

for example... i noticed that both Blackalicious and Kool Keith are touring with KRS One... very very exciting. i've seen Black and Keith before a few times... always entertaining... Blackalicious has a new record out pretty soon too... October i think?
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