PP51DooDoo (callmesteam) wrote in lasymphony,

Your Releases

There is now a community for passing along the latest release dates.

your_releases focuses on sharing street dates for music, movies, video games, comics, etc. Mainly media content.

I'm tired of digging through site after site to find out when so-and-so is releasing their new album, or going to the store only to get home and find a new email about some album that came out today that I didn't even know to look for.

So to remedy this searching, I've decided to start a forum for it. Which means I'll now be digging for release dates all the time! That's where you come in. If you know of some really interesting item that is going to be released soon, let everyone know! Or if you're just interested on what to spend your mortgage payment on, come find what you cannot live without!

and if you know someone that would be interested in such a community, please promote! or if there is already a community like this, then let me know and i'll join that and shut up.


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